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Welcome to Green House Head Quarters

Welcome to the Green House Head Quarters. From here you are able to navigate to all of our different websites...

The Green House Seed Company is the most successful cannabis business in the world. Winner of many international awards (35 High times Cannabis Cups, 17 Highlife Cups, and many more private awards in many countries), it is leader in cannabis genetics. Green House Seed Company genetics are the result of years of intensive breeding. All strains have exceptional medicinal as well as recreational properties, as well as particular terpene profiles guaranteeing  unique aromas and flavors. Buy Award Winning Cannabis Seeds in the online shop: www.greenhouseseeds.nl/shop

The Green House was established in 1985 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Since then the company has expanded into various markets, and in 2008 the GH brand was launched. The “Green House Collection 11” is the first collection of street apparel for him and for her that GH launched on the European, Asian and American markets. Buy official Green House Merchandise the online shop: www.greenhouse.tm/shop

From the jungles of Africa and Asia to the mountain ranges of South America, the strain hunters are on a mission to bring back the most important and isolated cannabis landraces known to man. The logistical challenges involved in strain-hunting are quite considerable, but Arjan, owner and founder of the Green House empire, has been devoting a great deal passion, time and resources to this task. After two decades spent strain hunting for the breeding programs of the Green House Seed Company, it is now time to show the world what the hunt is all about... Visit the official Strain Hunters Community Portal: www.strainhunters.com/portal

Behind the scenes in Amsterdam with the King of Cannabis with special guests such as: Eminem, 50 Cent, Wesley Snipes, Kevin Spacey, Redman, Cypress Hill, Woody Harrelson, Quentin Tarantino,  Mike Tyson, D-12, The Game, Metallica, Pink, Luke Perry, Alicia Keys, Lenny Kravitz, Outkast, Tommy Lee, Busta Ryhmes and many more… Site Under Construction!

Powder Feading by Green House Seed Company. The Ultimate feeding solutions created and tested by the Green House Seed Company Amsterdam. Visit website: www.powderfeeding.nl (under construction)

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